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"The Total Security Concept" For Business
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Security Patrol Services utilizes the latest in barcode technologies to supervise our entire Security and Patrol staff.

SPS Officers carry a battery operated hand held barcode scanner for collection of bar code data while on patrol. This is in addition to their normal equipment. These barcodes are placed in critical areas throughout our client's facility, similar to watchman's clock keys. These barcodes each have their own unique identity and are programmed into our Security Command System, the central station computer. The Security Command System is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year by SPS Supervisory staff. At the completion of each round, the Security Officer downloads the barcode data collected, via our communications box located at our client's facility. This information is immediately sorted by the Security Command System and our Dispatcher is alerted to any barcode stations missed so SPS Supervisory Personnel can immediately respond to correct our Security Officers patrol.

Additionally, the Security Command System will alert the SPS Dispatcher of any rounds missed in accordance with post security procedures. This allows SPS supervisors to respond to potential problems before they happen.

The Security Command System also assists SPS in Security Officer and Supervision scheduling, tracking of personnel and equipment, alarm monitoring and accounting functions.

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