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API Services/Pricing Schedule


State Wide Criminal Check - $15.00

A search of the criminal record index to include all felonies and those misdemeanors indexed in the past ten years.

State Motor Vehicle Records Check - $18.00
Provide the subject's driving history for a maximum of three years. The report includes dates and description of violations as well as suspensions or revocations. Includes physical description and confirmation of reported residence.

Workman's Compensation Claims Check- -$15.00
Provides a history of the subject's work related injuries as filed by the employer. Information includes date of injury, employer, insurance carrier, nature of injury and type of claim when available.

Employee Reference Check, per Employer - $ 8.00
Provides a verification of present and past employment including job title or duties and dates of service. Also detailed, when available, are subjects strengths and weakness on the job, overall performance rating, reason for departure and eligibility for rehire.

Social Security Number Verification - $15.00
Provides verification of the applicant's identity and the validity of his or her social security number.

Education Verification, per School - $15.00

This search includes verification of graduation, date of attendance and degree awarded. Grade point average is included when available. This report would apply to high school, college and/or trade school.

Professional License Verification - $15.00
This report provides verification of any professional license. It will include date when license was issued and specialty if available.

Consumer Credit Report - $15.00
A detailed credit history including accounts, payment history, liabilities, and public record information such as bankruptcy, judgments, liens and collections. A review of these records can provide the employer some insight into the applicant's responsibility towards his or her obligations.

Drug Screening Test - $29.00
An on-site drug screening test administered at API's office helps the employer provide a drug free workplace. Applicants are screened for Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine, PCP and THC. For an additional $5.00 fee, screening for alcohol can be included. All positive tests have confirmation tests performed as required by Maryland State Law. Results are available with 24 hours.

Complete Background Package - $60.00
A complete background package consists of (1) State wide criminal records check, (1) State Motor vehicle record check, (1) Social Security Number validation, (3) employer reference checks, (1) Consumer Credit Report.

National Sexual Offenders Check - $5.00
A search of Sexual Offenders registry that provides you with any previous cases of Sexual Assault, Molestation, Rape, etc.

Drug Hair Test - $65.00
An on- site drug screening administered at API's office. These test go back 3 years and include searches for Cocaine, Marijuana (THC), Opiates, Methamphetamine, and Phencyclidine (PCP).


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